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It has been a long couple years that we took a hiatus, but WE ARE BACK!  Some of you may know and some may not, but SavingsMania went off the map just over 2 years ago!  To give a little background, our owner, Shayla, was diagnosed with a Brain tumor and underwent Brain surgery in April 2014.  It has been 2 years of recovery, healing, MRI's, being diagnosed with a second tumor, daily headaches, physical therapy, medications, and more.....but even still, she is ready to continue to SAVE MONEY! 

The stores might have stopped double coupons, but the $avings are still out there and Shayla has been saving along the way!  She and some of the team want to get you back on board!  We hope you will come back and give us a try again, we hope you want to $ave your dollars, we hope you are missing the fun of couponing!!!  Saving$Mania was so much fun for us....we had a blast meeting so many new faces, getting to know a number of new personalities, and making a lot of new friends!  Let us help you again!  Come back to the website, sign up for an upcoming class, OR BETTER YET, BOTH! 

We have listened to many of you and are coming back with just the best GROCERY deals.  We know you don't have time to shop all over town, we know you don't want to be overwhelmed and we know you want to be successful.  We are making this even easier this time around!  We look forward to helping you $ave very soon!

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                     Welcome to SavingsMania!!!

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SavingsMania is a home business.  Please understand we will get back to you as quickly as possible, and email is the best form of contact.

How do I get access to the SavingsMania??

To become a Maniac and get access to the entire SavingsMania.net website, we suggest you attend a class OR contact SavingsMania to join our site at a discounted fee without the class. 

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What is SavingsMania?

SavingsMania is a way of shopping.

We will teach you all the tips and techniques to reduce your current grocery bill.  We have simplified our site to make things easier for YOU!  You will have online access to Meijer and Kroger match ups.  Each database will show you what deals are out there and what coupons to use to get the lowest possible price.  Our customers have told us THIS is what they want!  SIMPLE and NOT TO BE OVERWHELMED!  We have listened!!!

Would you like to cut your grocery bill by 50%, 60%, or even MORE! 
You are in the right place!  Here at SavingsMania, we can teach you to do just that.  By mastering the art of using coupons, you can maximize your savings at the grocery store.  But how?  That is where SavingsMania comes in.  Sign up today for a class and begin saving right away!  Once you take the "savings" class and become a "Maniac", you will get exclusive access to our online databases where you can print lists for stores in the area...and the $aving$ begin!
Why SavingsMania?

So many reasons!  Many people try to do this on their own with all of the free information that is out there and we're glad they're saving money.  However, hundreds of families have reaped the benefits of letting SavingsMania do the work for them, saving them TIME and MONEY!  SavingsMania also goes above and beyond what any of the free sites do for you.  We are not just going by the weekly ad, you can do that yourself, that would not take you too much time, but we are in the stores weekly and searching for all those additional deals for YOU!  Again, SavingsMania WILL save you more money than you could do on your own or with any other club around!  We know there are other coupon clubs in the area, but SavingsMania was the FIRST club in the Mid-Michigan area who taught this level of saving, other clubs have appeared AFTER signing up with us first and taking our information--learn from the BEST, learn from the ORIGINALS!!!

Join NOW by signing up for the website OR registering for a class and let the $aving$ begin!! 


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