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Quotes well i finally took the coupon class and i should of took it along time ago and am looking forward to saving alot of money from now on. Quotes

Quotes Just came home from my first time out with the coupons from class. I had my 12 yr old with me - big mistake!! He was not very interested in helping me so I wasn't able to get everything. But I was so excited to see that I bought $103.90's worth of groceries for $34.56!!! :) Now I need to get a box to start organizing the coupons! This is so cool!!! Quotes
First time shopping with Coupons...

Quotes I FINALLY took the class the other night after hearing my friend Brenda tell me all the time about how much money she was saving. WIsh I had done it sooner! As a stay at home mom of 5, I'm always looking for ways to save money, and this is an awesome way to do it! My first trip to the store, I was so excited to see my $169.90 bill reduced to $30.20. I even got several items FREE!! I normally dislike grocery shopping, but now I can't wait til my next shopping trip! Quotes
I think I'm in love....

Quotes I used most of the coupons as suggested but also added some I had already clipped. I bought $238.82 worth of groceries for $56.11! I think I will keep using this. I have couponed before but it is nice to have the list that tells you what & where the best deal is. Thanks! Quotes
1st Shopping trip

Quotes I took the class last week went shopping on Friday. The bill was 278 before coupons I walked out paying 28.00 and they gave me 9 dollars back awesome. I can't wait to go again. Thanks so much Quotes

Quotes I attended Fri. Feb. 25 class. Until now, my husband was the coupon clipper in our household. When I returned from the class and was explaining it to him, he wanted to go to the store immediately. Since it was about 10pm, I talked him into waiting until Sat. morning. I won't say it was our fastest or most organized trip to the store, but it sure was our most money saving! $230. initial bill, reduced to $178 with Kroger card.....our price after coupons..$51.70!!!! Thank you Shayla and company. We spent the rest of the weekend clipping and organizing our coupons and awaiting the databases for the week. Never have we been so excited for the beginning of the week. You are all a great time saver for us. We can't wait to get to the stores. Quotes

Quotes I was so excited to take this class after hearing from a friend about all the money she had saved. I took my family with me on my first shopping trip with the coupons from class. We were all very excited to save 87% off over $220 in groceries! I know my savings will keep growing with each trip. It's amazing how quickly I became a Maniac! Thank so much Shayla and friends for making this possible for so many of us! Quotes
Lifetime Addict!

Quotes Tonight I did my 1st trip with the coupons from the class. My total before anything taken off was 276$. After I paid $75.70 with tax. My total savings is 74%. And It would have been better if I hadn't been in such a hurry and got the wrong pepproni, which is 12$ in the wrong direction,(I'm returning them tomorrow). And also I had to buy my husband razor blades which was also 12.50. So, it would have only totaled about $58 before tax. Either way I am so hooked, and making room to stock up so I never have to pay more than $1 for a box of cereal either. Quotes
1st Shopping Trip

Quotes I've been couponing on my own for the last 6 months or so. After the class instead of saving 40-50% my husband and i saved 66-78% Wahoo!!! Very excited!! Quotes

Quotes I was an avid couponer prior to joining SavingsMania but was spending huge amounts of time scouting out the deals by myself. With SavingsMania, the search is over! One site tells me everything I need to know, plus I know the deals are right here in my own neighborhood....not a Krogers, Rite Aid, Meijers, etc in a different state! The Team actually goes to the stores to verify the deals they post! One thing I didn't expect as part of my membership was the way this club feels like family. Members helping each other out. Doesn't get any better than that! From needing extra coupons to asking for prayers, the members and Team are all willing to help. If you are looking for a club that is so much more than just saving $, SavingsMania is your club!!!!! Quotes
SavingsMania is so much more than just saving $
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