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Quotes I went to Savings Mania couponing class this morning at Wildwind Community Church and then went and used my coupons to buy $232 dollars worth of groceries and paid $44 for my final total. What a fun adventure! Quotes

Quotes I was a bit skeptical that I could pull this savings thing off, but I have had such a fun (never though I'd use that word to describe grocery shopping) time saving soooooo much money. The thrill of getting a lot of things for only a little money is saving me beyond just the immediate grocery cart... it's fulfilling my desire to shop and keeping me away from the mall. At this rate, I just might get to start putting money in the bank! Quotes
So happy about Coupons

Quotes I was never a big couponer until I took this class.... and seriously. I'm addicted!! I always loved going to the grocery store before, but now I go 2-3 times a week!! The amount of money I saved my family in the last month is outrageous, I got all the paper/household products for the month in one week for under $20. We have saved enough money since I started couponing for my husband and I to be able to go out on a dinner date!! This is so much fun, and so rewarding! Thank you so much Shayla and team for all of your hard work!!!! Quotes

Quotes I just went to my first class two nights ago. I am so impressed with Shayla and the work her team does. I went on my first trip Friday morning and saved...$150!! and it was all stuff my family and I would actually use. (minus the cat treats but they were FREE so I couldn't pass it up) This is so worth every penny and more. Who doesn't want to save some money?!?!? They way I see it is there is really very little we can save our money on, mortgage is what it is, cable and phone too...why not save TONS on groceries. It has become a game for me...to see how much I can get a product for. I came to work and told anyone who would listen about my fun outing and showed them all my receipt, they were shocked and wanted to know my "secret". I simply smiled, handed them Shayla's card and told them they had to see it for themselves. Seriously, EVERYONE needs to do this class...it is AMAZING and FUN!!! Quotes
You HAVE to try this!!

Quotes I was amazed because I to was a bit skeptical about taking the class and what it could teach me. I was a mom of eight and tried to keep up with couponing to save money, but I was quite excited to go on my first shopping trip since taking the class on march 11. My friend and I went on saturday afternoon and could not wait to check out because we were sure we were not going to save that much but to our amazment we were wrong and so ready to get our first set of papers and get organized for our next shopping trip just to see what we are going to save. Yah you, Shayla and Crew you are amazing!!!! Quotes
Nichole Witkowski
Happy Mom

Quotes Took the class on 3-11-2011 and went shopping that night as we left out of town early saturday morning! Got a cart full of groceries for around $42. Went again on Monday and got another cart full of groceries for around $38. My kids are amazed and so are my friends. I keep telling them to take the class!! It does take a little time to go out , get papers, cut the coupons and organize them but WOW IS IT WORTH IT, I am sure the better I get at it the less time it will take. With todays economy you cant afford NOT to take the class! Quotes
It Works..!!!

Quotes I took the class on 3/11. When I was at the checkout the women behind me kept exclaiming at how many coupons I had and how much I saved. I told them I took a class, showed them my cash register receipt, and gave them the card from class with my name on it. I was so excited with my savings I went out the door all smiles. I was a few feet into the parking lot when I heard behind me, "Ma,am, Ma,am." Turning around I saw the grocery bagger. "Ma'am, you left your groceries inside, you're pushing an empty cart!" I was so excited about saving so much money, I had forgotten my groceries! I came home and told my family and we laughed and laughed. Today, after leaving Kroger with Kraft cheese that they paid me to buy, I realized I can make stromboli for free this week. (Last week I got the crust for 25 cents and the pepperoni free.) I love this!! Quotes
Super Excited

Quotes What a fantastic class! I've only been grocery shopping once since taking the class, but I saved half on my first trip! Yay! I was also a mommy that DREADED grocery shopping. Now, I can't wait for Sunday morning to run out for my Free Press'. =) Eternal thanks to the Savings Mania crew for all your hard work Quotes

Quotes I took the class on Friday 3/11 and went shopping on Sat. Made the 'man' of the house go with me because he thought you all were nuts telling me I could save so much. Well let me tell you he is now a convert and even got up and went to get the papers this morning. We didn't get a couple of the items (got rainchecks tho) our bill came to $231.81, after Kroger card and coupons $51.40!! BUT WAIT, he insisted on getting 3 POM Wonderful juices which we didn't have a coupon for so I made him pay for those, so our total without them was $42.43. We were so excited and can't wait to go again this week. We are working on setting up our basement to store everything. Thank you so much, I thought I did good before but now it's unbelieveable. Thank you!!!! Quotes
1st Shopping Trip

Quotes I took my 5 year old son with me on our first Real Coupon trip. We looked at the coupons and played a game like I spy to see who could find the items first in each row. Knowing it was possible to save this much and include fun for my family we went back to Kroger later to play again. Quotes
1st Trip
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