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Quotes Many people snicker when they hear "your a couponer"...I had to do something. I got remarried and went from me and my two girls to a total of 7 of us....in this was three boys... so to say the least what I use to spend in a month on groceries I was now spending in a week. I was either going to have to buy all off brand and eat very lightly or get a second job. A friend of mine invited me to a savings mania class. I said what the heck it cant hurt. AMAZING!!!!!! Is all I can say. My husband and I were very sceptical at first but it truly has changed our lives. We can eat what we want. Have enough stock to live thru the summers as we camp and not have to worry about going shopping. It truly is our only way of life.We make it a family event when we go shoppin. It saved our family. So when people snicker about me being a couponer, I say"Yes and I am very proud to be one!!"Thank you savings mania for doing what you do..You truly were a blessing for me and my family!!! Quotes
Thankful Family!!!!!

Quotes I have been wanting to coupon for YEARS!!!! My stepmother is an avid couponer and was always trying to get me to "coupon" with her... But I also knew there was more to just "clipping" and "using." That's where savingmania comes in! It does all the "work" for me. Cuts out HOURS of time for me... and I am saving a TON!! I used to love grocery shopping - then I became a wife -- and then a mom -- and then grocery shopping turned into a "CHORE" -- I dreaded it everytime --- and now -- I LOVE IT! Cause I am saving so much. I also anchor the morning show on NBC25 every Mon-Fri from 5a - 7a. We will have Shayla on our show every 2nd and 4th MONDAY of the month talking about how to SAVE SAVE SAVE! You can also check out a coupon blog here - http://www.connectmidmichigan.com/news/blog_post.aspx?id=523319 Happy Savings! Quotes

Quotes I recently took the SavingsMania class and am AMAZED....I have been a part of the group in Birch Run and once I found out that they had taken this class first and all they did to you, I wanted to learn from the source. I cannot believe how much I learned from you! SavingsMania is really the best for my money. I do hope others will realize how much better SavingsMania is and will join us here. Your databases are so much more informative and the whole site is much more user friendly. Thank you Karen for telling me about SavingsMania, I can see I will be much happier here and I will save a lot more money! Quotes

Quotes After joining Savings-Mania nearly 8 months ago, I have saved no less than 60% on every shopping trip! On average I save about 65-70% every time! Shayla, you and your team have made this possible---THANK YOU!!! For all who doubt........just try it, you'll be amazed! It pays for itself the first time you shop, and you still walk away with much, much more!!!!!!! Quotes
Michelle Loney
Will NEVER Shop The Same Way Again!!!

Quotes First of all, we started seriously "couponing" about 6 weeks before attending one of your classes and thought we are doing a good job. My wife and I manage to survive on our disability benefits. Your class has shown us how to save a few hundred dollars each and every month AND allow us to create a stock-pile of items so we don't have to go out in the winter for these items. Plus, our Kroger Card is saving us HUGE at the gas pump. Last month we filled up for $2.59 a gallon - saving $1 a gallon. By the end of this month, we hope to get the same type of savings for our next trip to the gas station. For people like us who have to watch every dollar we spend each month, your class has truly been a God-send! Thank you so much for showing us the right way to shop! Very truly, Charles & Sarah Mize Quotes
I'm proud to be a Savings MANIAC!

Quotes I had never used coupons before, especially not like this! I went to the Savings Mania class in June and have made 3 trips to Kroger since then. I have saved over $300 in just three trips! I tell everyone I know about this, explaining that it's not about coupons, it's about timing and the website is instrumental in streamlining the process and making everything more efficient. Thank you so much for all your teaching and guidance! Quotes
Michelle Peters
Coupon Newbie

Quotes I went to Kroger the day after the class. My grocery total came to $209 and I only spent $50. I am so excited and I'm already looking forward to my next trip. I am now hooked on couponing and will never shop the way I used to. Thank You so much for showing me how to save money!!! I am already recommending this class to everyone I know!!! Quotes
A very happy mom

Quotes I always used a coupon or two here & there and dreaded going to the grocery store. There is nothing worse than walking out of a grocery store with less than you need for more than you can afford to spend! Since I took this class I'm hooked! There is nothing like spending a little money for a lot of stuff! The class paid for itself and more the first trip. So much so that I've taken the class a second time for another set of coupons to get my stash up! Since I went to the first class, I can tell you that I have saved no less than 55% every shopping trip and most have been more like 70-75%! It's now like a game to see how much I can save! Thanks for making grocery shopping fun and making it a little easier to live in this horrible economy! Quotes
Addicted to coupons!

Quotes So just went to Kroger's after taking class yesterday and I was totally excited! I had to call my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to come over and see how much I had bought cause I know they wouldn't believe me! I spent $39.25 for $330 (87% savings) worth of groceries!! and they were all items I will use.......love, love, love this! Thank [email protected] Quotes
Aimee Arseneault
Thought I was an experienced Couponer

Quotes Went to Shayla's class yesterday morning at Wildwood Church, and of course went straight to Kroger afterwards! Quite a few items were out of stock, but rather than get frustrated, I just focused on the things I COULD get. :) I ended up with $126 of groceries for only $36.70! And that included $3 in produce, and $6 of organic milk. :) Thanks so much!!! Quotes
A skeptic converted!!!
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